Is Shower Sex Always This Awkward?

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  1. Foreplay in the shower is great but actual sex, not always so easy in my experience. I’m always too worried about losing my balance to really enjoy myself. Plus it is painful to be jammed up against tile. The main problem with shower sex is it really has to be quick or it gets super uncomfortable really fast. But fooling around in the shower then moving to the bedroom for the main event is really hot.

  2. oh come on people! grab bars! any hardware store and e-z to install, also known as handicap bars.
    i find two horizontally on apposing (corner) walls, 90 degrees to each other. height as needed.

  3. They’re called bath mats. They have suction cups on the bottom. Mostly used by grandmas to get in and out of the tub.

  4. It really helps if you’re in good shape and coordinated. Plus being relatively close in height helps. I also like the guy who suggests the bar in the shower. Good things, easy cleanup.

  5. Rubber mat on the floor saves the kneecaps.

  6. NeedABiggershower says:

    I love-love-love sex in the shower. Problem is… shower is too small and people (hubby & myself) are too large. Added disadvantage of advancing age & increasing physical limitations also add to making it more difficult. But there is no better feeling than 2 bodies totally aroused, hot, soapy and abandoning themselves to the moment. We always take advantage of the handicap accessible bathroom facilities when away from home, so it’s an added treat to look forward to when we do travel. And yes, use facecloths and hand towels whenever necessary. We have even made use of my shower stool from time to time. Whatever makes it work for you is OK in my book.

  7. At an adult store I visited a few years back, I saw some hand grips and foot rests that suction-cup to the shower wall to give you something to hold on to. I don’t know how well they work (you’d need some pretty strong suction to support more than a little body weight) but could be worth a try.

    We usually start in the shower and finish elsewhere. My husband’s knees start to give out if he pumps for too long while standing, and there’s just enough of a height difference between us that I have to be on my tip-toes to give him the best access, and that’s hard to sustain too.

    Now can someone explain how to have non-awkward hot tub sex? ;-)

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