It’s a Saturday, and Your Granny is Dying

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About Christie Chapman

Christie Chapman is an award-winning journalist and short-story writer who once ghost-wrote an article for a fictional cat named Mr. Whiskers. She contributes pranksterish microfictions to The Moustache Club of America under the name The Shining. Some of her short fiction can be found on her pseudonymous and admittedly very low-tech website, Lauryn Mutter. These days she writes marketing stuff for a nonprofit joint in DC, and for a while she was keeping up a blog, Digging Out of the Hole.


  1. Thank you for this. I just came home from my grandma’s death bed to read this. We weren’t ready for her to go, but it was time for her, and we can be content with that. Our tears will continue to flow and stories will be shared for as long as we remember. And there is a comfort knowing she’s with our pap-pap.

    It’s scary for us to go on without our matriarch, but she’ll be watching over us, that we know.


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