How To Get Over a Breakup in 5 Steps

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About K Thompson

K Thompson is a breakup-coach and relationship-advisor. After a devastating breakup in 2010, he realised that despite being a painful experience, breakups are also an amazing opportunity to grow and discover oneself. Since then, he has dedicated his life to helping others who are going through a bad breakup and having a hard time moving on. You can contact him on Twitter.


  1. Clearly you are under 60.

  2. I think that those are good steps to move on, but I’m wondering if this could apply to me. I’ve been living in chaos, not knowing what’s going; I thought we were having a crisis in our marriage, and I gave everything that I had in order to work things out, although I made mistakes.

    I still can’t understand. I was happy, everything seemed to be ok, but from one day to another, he started to move away from me and in that exact moment, we found out I was pregnant. I’m 8 months pregnant now and he just told me he doesn’t love me anymore and he has been the most cruel person in the world.

    I¡m devastated and have no idea how to move on, especially because I’m pregnant.. I just hate him, myself and my life…

    • I’ve replied to your message on my facebook. I hope it helped.

    • That is horrible and you do not deserve. You need to get the strength in you for your baby. I know, so easier said than done! You can do it. Get as much support from your family as you can. Keep in touch with me.


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