Learning to Communicate Sexual Desire

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  1. Your partner must be equipped to fulfill your fantasies as well. Just speaking it will not make it so if the other person has hang ups, limitations or fears.

    I suggest finding the right person with whom you can merge with

  2. Maybe these are questions that you should just come right out and ask BEFORE getting into a relationship with someone? Otherwise you face a greater possibility of spending time in an unfulfilling relationship.

    • @Prime,

      Yes, I agree. However, many of us simply are unaware of these things before we get married or enter into a relationship. At least I will speak for myself on this accord.

      Now that I am divorced (after being married for over 15 years), I now have the wisdom and knowledge to screen out the women I do not wish to be bothered with. I can do it very very quickly.

      I think we are so stuck on what we desire in a partner until it clouds what we do NOT desire.

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