Keep It Civil: 10 Ways to Tactfully End a Relationship

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  1. My ex should have read this. He decided to just disappear and not return my calls after almost 2 years. Jerk.

  2. wellokaythen says:

    Looks very sensible to me. Generally good advice.

    #7, though, seems a bit troublesome. Yes, silence can be devastating, but it is also important that there be a clear break in the relationship. There are many exes who will use this as an opportunity to rehash the relationship or drag you into an autopsy about what went wrong. Sometimes, because of the behavior of the ex, silence is in fact absolutely necessary. Once you’ve broken up, he/she is no longer obligated to listen to everything you have to say. He/she has the right to make you a much lower priority now.

    Of course, if it is a reasonable communication, then be polite, but sometimes the reasonable request is just a ploy to get your attention for something entirely unreasonable. Every ex has a right to be cautious when it comes to communicating with an ex after a break-up.

    If your ex’s silence is hurtful to you after the break-up, then YOU have some work to do on yourself. He/she is not responsible for healing the hurt from the silence between you. Leaving you alone is not an attack on you. Boundaries, people.

  3. Jonathan Camilleri says:

    Sing to her…Bye bye lover bye… in your privacy, or post it on facebook :)


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