Kobe’s Sin Is Ours: Sports and Homophobic Language

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About Yago Colás

Yago Colás writes about sports, literature, and philosophy as equipment for living. He wrote the Cultures of Basketball Course Diary based on a course he created at the University of Michigan. You can find him on his blog, Between the Lines, and on twitter @yagocolas.


  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    Let’s be careful who you’re accusing. Not all of us act in such a way as to justify somebody else’s need to be morally superior.

  2. Thank you for reading. And I’m certainly glad that you don’t contribute to, or let stand, or comply with, even by mere consumption, degrading heteronormative or racist uses of language. I’m not sure who’s need to be morally superior you are referring to, but your restraint certainly makes you morally superior to this writer.

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