Seven Reasons Why We Need to Eliminate the Mental Health Stigma

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About Danny Baker

Danny Baker is a 24 year old writer and mental health advocate from Sydney, Australia who in October of 2013 founded the Depression Is Not Destiny Campaign to inspire sufferers of the illness to never give up on happiness. As part of his campaign, he released a memoir titled "The Danny Baker Story – How I came to write ‘I will not kill myself, Olivia’ and found the Depression Is Not Destiny Campaign". Grab your free copy today at


  1. I hadn’t heard about “courtesy stigma” but it makes a lot of sense. Mental illness can be (usually is) exhausting for the sufferer and those around her. The caregivers often need almost as much support as the primary. Good article.

  2. Glenn Merrilees says:

    Dear sir, i read your article with great interest as i have suffered on and off with depression for 20 odd years. if you search for my name you will see my short video on stigma (don’t know how to attach to this, sorry) if you like that i also have another called barriers and would be happy to share.

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