The Moments That Real Fatherhood Are Made Of

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About Brendan Malone

Brendan Malone is a married father of four from New Zealand. He runs his own organisation called LifeNET, which focuses on leadership, values and ethical concern. As part of this work he regularly speaks to groups of men about the importance of living authentic masculinity. In the days after the devastating February 2011 earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand he and a friend started a successful citizens' initiated earthquake relief effort that drew together thousands of volunteers and ended up suppling several hundred tons of food, water and other essential items to the hardest hit ares of the city via helicopters and road convoys. True to his Irish heritage, Brendan plays semi-regular Irish music gigs and boxes three nights a week for the fitness and challenge of it. Find Brendan blogging at The Leading Edge Blog, or on Twitter @LifeNETnz


  1. I wish my own father could have read this article and others back when I was a young boy…30+ years ago. When I turned 6, my second sister was born and I seriously felt like my father abandoned/ignored me. He never played anymore, never did things with me anymore, I taught myself how to ride a bike. So for all those fathers out there with children, and young children…BE THERE FOR THEM NOW! You don’t realise how important you really are to them.

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