Mansplained: SummerSlam 2013

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Jim Jividen (@JimJividen) is a lawyer, a professionally produced playwright, a game show winner, and the owner of a 2009 Honda Accord on which he diligently makes payments. He can distinguish among dozens of different suplex variants and may be occasionally read at his two non-revenue producing blogs, Basically Gherkins and What if Steamboat Beat Hogan? Jim’s been a college instructor since the top of 2004 and is currently working in the mist as a Course Mentor for Western Governors University.


  1. John K. Anderson says:

    I’ve always found the term “mansplaining” to be confusing as well. Sometimes people use it to say something akin to “you’re talking down to me” or “don’t assume I don’t know anything about this subject”. And too be sure some people do in fact talk down to people or assume they are ignorant about something. Obviously that should be avoided. But sometimes it’s used as a way to dismiss basic arguments without in fact addressing them. Sometimes simple concepts are super important, and sometimes simple concepts can undermine someone’s argument entirely. If someone is making a logical fallacy or missing an important concept, pointing that out should be labeled “mansplaining.”

    Sorry if I offended anyone by mansplaining that.

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