Why Men in Skirts are Sexy and a Funny Video to Prove It

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Lori Lothian reveals the real reason men in kilts are so hot. And it’s not about the knee socks.

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The first time I saw a man in a kilt, I was travelling through Scotland with my sisters and mother (on a getaway from the husbands and kids). We were so enamored by the Scottish dude we pulled him aside and asked it we could take pictures of him with each of us. I still remember how the whole kilt thing made us swoon with a kind of school-girl crush at this everyday fellow (who I believed was on his way to a formal event).

Since then, I’ve realized that most women I talk to agree: Men in kilts are hot. We’ve discussed why the attraction to what amounts to a man in a skirt. Consensus is that it’s all about the legs (guys we love your hairy muscled legs) and the blush-inducing hint of what’s hidden under the kilt.

Unlike with pants, there’s a kind of erotic thrill to the idea a guy’s skirt might, say, blow exposingly in the wind, or that access to underneath is so, well, accessible. (None of that fumbling with the belt, and pants caught around ankles deal).

Maybe one day the kilt will come into a mainstream men’s fashion revolution, in the way that the murse (man-purse) caught on for hipsters. In the meantime, whenever I need a dose of a man in a skirt, I’ve taken to watcing this hilarious William Lawson whisky 46 second video featuring actress Sharon Stone. (There’s a clever reason for casting her….you’ll laugh at why).

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Lori Ann Lothian is a sexy daring writer who challenges assumptions about love, sex and relationships in her columns at Huffington Post and elephant Journal and in feature articles at the Good Men Project, Origin Magazine, Yoganonymous, Better After 50 and more. Former editor of the relationship section of elephant Journal, she is now a senior editor at the Good Men Project. Follow her on Twitter andGoogle. Stay informed, sign up for Lori’s mailing list here.


  1. What’s absent is historical awareness of what caused the trouser skirt division of the sexes, and how women came to wear both styles only due to the overriding social force of the World War Two factory work. The use of the horse in transportation, agriculture and warfare caused men to switch to pants. And there it is all concisely stated—the skirt and the trouser are differences of activity, not differences of sex. Which factions have the tiniest grasp of this? Psychiatrists, psychologists, ministers, suit and tie and blue jeans manufacturers—and female impersonators. Men do not have to present as women to wear skirts and fancy apparel—witness the Egyptian Tanoura Dervish, the Indian Kathakali, the Bhutanese dancer, the British Beefeater guards, and the Greek Evzones. Nor does that exhaust the enumeration. Because of psychiatrists, psychologists and ministers, the apparel industry is only 75% of its potential size—skirts and fancy garments are absent for men.

  2. Great article Lori Ann – its nice for men to feel appreciated as something more than just a “wallet.” By the way, the other night for St Patrick’s Day I taught my yoga class wearing a kilt and everyone loved it. Maybe I should do that more often!

  3. wellokaythen says:

    There seems to be a long tradition of the schoolgirl peering under the kilt fantasy. For example, the old ditty/joke about the drunken Scotsman, for example at:


  4. Satire on the Scottish: while two Highlanders in their kilts lean forward to inspect some eggs being offered for sale, two well-dressed ladies playing with their child lean forward in order to peer under their kilts. October 1815 Hand-coloured etching

    other plates from 1800s. women apparently loved trying to look up the skirt.

    Satire on the Scottish: a Highlander holds up his kilt to hold the chestnuts that he is buying from a French street vendor. c.1815 Hand-coloured etching

    evolution of the kilt

    the kilts caused a sensation with the french women when the scots first arrived in paris during the napoleanic wars, with women trying to look up their skirts. (im not sure why the fuss, as the men of brittany were still wearing kneelength tunics). theres also a reference to the next day, the women wearing tartanlike clothing (but im not reading all those books again to locate the refs)


    the southeast european kilt – the fustanella
    In 1833, the uniform of the Evzones (as in all infantry companies of the line battalions) was in the much-maligned Bavarian style, complete with pants, tailcoats and shako, distinguished only by green braid and plumes. In 1837, a new uniform was created based on the traditional fustanella style worn by the klephts, armatoli, and many of the famous fighters of the Greek War of Independence. At first, it was only issued to the native light infantry battalions, but its popularity led to its adoption as the official uniform of the Evzones in 1867. After a few minor changes over the years, it became the familiar uniform seen today

    another book whose preview has been removed, explicitedly said the troops revolted over wearing modern trousers etc (‘frankish’/european dress), preferring their fustanella.

    1830ce Narrative of a journey through Greece in 1830: With remarks upon the actual …
    By Thomas Abercromby p160
    The soldiers are dressed in the European style but so shabbily that they have not a martial bearing and appear to great disadvantage near one of the common peasantry The anxiety of the Greek government to introduce European customs into Greece made them commit an error in the equipment of their troops which however trivial it may appear has great weight in the eyes of that class from whence the soldiers must be recruited I allude to their not having dressed the regulars in the fustanella or philibeg It is the national costume and favourite dress of the warlike class of Greeks Nothing can be more soldier like and at the same time better adapted to the mountainous country in which they have to act it leaves their limbs free and we well know by the example of our Highland
    GREEK OFFICERS 16 l regiments that it does not fetter their courage Many Greeks confessed to me that one of their principal reasons for disl

  5. I love the kilt. Love. Men look great in it. Don’t even think about what’s under, just how he looks in it.

  6. The same person that replied to OirishM says:

    The guy in the video isn’t hot because he is wearing a kilt, but because he is just plain hot with a gorgeous body lol. I understand the appeal, though, and agree it adds a different charm to him. Nice video! 🙂

    Just one thing, even though I defend everyone’s right to have them hairy, I dislike hairy legs (or pits). Not a big deal breaker, but prefer it smooth just like mine. And I love not only muscled, but skinny legs/men as well.

  7. I mean really,picture this. “There’s something special about seeing a woman’s shapely legs with a short skirt . Especially on a windy day. You always have that sence of excitement that maybe the wind will blow just right and you’ll get to see what’s underneath. And there’s always the hope that she’s going ‘commando’.” Somehow, I don’t see that as being well recieved.

    • Theorema Egregium says:

      You are of course correct. But I feel like we should give that sentiment a pass here! The act of breaking open old-established gender norms and giving men permission (or even blessing) to do something they were hitherto prohibited in the strictest sense, is such a worthwhile endeavor that it must be supported, even if the form of it is lacking in tact.

      Or in less pretentious language: I would like to be able to wear a skirt when I feel like it. If what it takes for that is women finding it sexy and saying so, then I will cheer for them. Even if the objectify me in that.

      And anyway, it is killing 2 birds with one stone (stupid phrase, I don’t want to kill any birds, I like birds): At the same time it is suggesting that men’s legs (or any body part) are attractive and worth looking at. After hearing for my whole life that men are disgusting and to dress well as a man means to cover up as much of that disgustingness as possible, that message is such a relieve! Thank you Lori, from all my heart!

      • You know, it’s kind of ironic that women see a built or handsome guy, and they always seem to wonder what he’s ‘packing’, you know , trying to get a peak. Yet if you took a smart phone picture and sent it to them, well then you risk being arrested for sexual assault!

        • Reply to bobbt says:

          Wondering and actually trying to get a pick are very different situations.
          And I guess most women just wonder, they do not really want you to send pictures; and you should know if any woman want it first, just like women should know if any man want their pictures before sending, too. I guess anyone risk being arrested for sexual assault for inconvenient “surprises”.

  8. I can’t help but think if a guy wrote this about skirt-wearing women, the cries of “creep” would be coming in thick and fast.

    • Yup! As I ‘be said before, different gender, different standards.

    • Also I have no idea where that hyperlink on my username came from, but I didn’t put it there.

      • Reply to OirishM says:

        We have double standards indeed. Wearing skirts is common for women. Men talking about the female body is extremely widespread (and sometimes very vulgar and aggressive, if not condescending, hence many people getting overly sensitive and remorseful over it and labeling even light and inoffensive comments by men as “creepy”), men keep doing that anyway.
        I believe affirming skirts for men are sexy and that women do enjoy the male body is something we need more of in our society. I think what she said was respectful enough, and honest.

        • OirishM says:

          I think we need more affirmation of skirt-wearing men and also less baseless creep-shaming of men too.

          But hey, if it’s ok to see a cute person of either gender in a skirt and hope to get a glimpse, then rock on. Let’s see if people really put their money where their mouth is on this one.

          • Reply to OirishM says:

            I agree with you on the baseless creep-shaming; I do not see many baseless creep-shaming of anyone happening, actually most people already let a lot of disrespectful behaviour slip, but that should not happen. I see some problems, like how will someone be able to determine what a real “creepy”/tasteless/condescending/offensive comment is and everyone has their unique boundaries, but I hope we get there.
            I guess it is ok to hope, that is only in our minds, maybe not that much if you reach to a strange random person in a skirt and say that to their faces lol. I’ve never hoped that and wish no one would ever pass through that embarrassment in public.

    • Reply to OirishM says:

      We have double standards indeed. Wearing skirts is common for women. Men talking about the female body is extremely widespread (and sometimes very vulgar and aggressive, if not condescending, hence many people getting overly sensitive and remorseful over it and labeling even light and inoffensive comments by men as “creepy”), men keep doing that anyway.
      I believe affirming skirts for men are sexy and that women do enjoy the male body is something we need more of in our society. I think what she said was respectful enough, and honest.

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