Middle-Age Suicide

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  1. I just stumbled on this site and WOW! All of you, you are saying you are worth nothing and that is simply not true. The ability to write so well of your pain, that is something. I do believe in
    God and if God made us, he wants us to live to our fullest potential.I think with men they would interpret this to mean a hi paying and successful job that is recession proof.
    You are not what you do for a living. That is only a result of how fully you have been able to live. Depression, by the very nature of the actual changes it makes in chemistry, MAKES YOU BELIEVE THAT ALL IS HOPELESS, THERE IS NO WAY OUT, NO ONE CARES-you are being fooled by your own body.
    Get help for the depression and then address the areas in your life that need it.Be grateful every day even if your family and friends do not come thru-help someone else with their problems-get out and meet others in whatever way you want to, exercise every day.
    I hope you do these things as it will make it better. Is it going to make you George Clooney or rich? No. It will make you proud to be who you are, it will help you really accept how things are for you so you can then move on and make it better. We all have a purpose here, we are all valued and loved. No, not by all the media, or the very wealthy(Who have cheated us) but that is not real. It’s TV. Thos are people that do not know you. The people who come into your life when you reach out for help are REAL. The neighbor you start to give a little wave to and nod, the store clerk you thank for being so efficient. It is when we come out of ourselves that we can build lives that are truly meaningful.
    This is a tried and true method of regaining your sense of self, i hope you give it a try.

  2. So a little change in perspective and a little talking is going to help.
    Bean, I am not saying it does not work for people like you.
    But some of us are calling foul.
    We are tired of dealing with and accepting things.
    We are not teenagers and basically we have tried to do things your way.
    And we keep getting dust kicked in our faces.

    The young lady that just posted that she is completely alone? You think she has not tried to connect? But nobody is there for her truly.

    Some of refuse to follow the delusion any longer. So we can be someone’s financial support, or mistreated employee, or cheated upon spouse, or legally castrated father, or lonely brother, or sister (Female 40).

    We are just tired. And no change is going to change our situations.

  3. It is the disease of depression. Your minds’ chemicals are messing with you. If you tried antidepressants for a good while-say, 3 months and you still feel as you do, of course you have free will.
    I don’t think you will, I hope you are brave enough and not to far gone to give it a try.

  4. I disagree. There are some people who are actually depressed.
    My question to you is why is someone automatically labeled mentally ill because they are tired of living for whatever reason?
    From a rational standpoint life has no meaning except that which people attach to it. And survival instinct is only to preserve the species. Since humanity is in no danger of extinction my birth nor my life is actually necessary.

    So I should replace my supposedly “messed up” brain chemicals with pharmaceutical drugs that are akin to a subtle for of mind control to cling to a life that is essentially pointless in the grand scheme of things.

    Which has always struck me as interesting because if people use drugs or alcohol to stave off certain”depressive” feelings that is frowned upon and illegal(drugs). Regardless of the side effects of many of those antidepressants one of which is actually promoting thoughts of suicide in the person taking them.

    As far as living for other people, that idea does not hold water fully either. In my experience and observation of a few other individuals who always put others first in many cases one gets betrayed or bitten on the hand for extending kindness.

    Bean, I am not trying to change your mind and the minds of others like you on how you view and perceive life.
    But it is totally unfair that the system wants to try everything possible to stop a rational person from ending their life if they are not satisfied. As if a drug addled existence subject to the judgement of psychologists is actually something everyone wants.

    This is supposed to be a free country. And since I am not harming anyone with my suicide, I should be allowed to die in peace. And if one mentions grieving relatives and friends it would be no different than if I died in a plane crash or car accident.

  5. Some of us have tried therapy and every anti-depressent you can think of only to continue to feel pain. In my personal opinion, no anti-depressant is going to make someone who is feeling severe lonliness feel better. Everyone wants to have a social connection and someone to enjoy their life with. If they lack this and cannot change things, there is nothing that can help them “feel happy”. Believe me, I have tried all anti-depressants that exist and have been in therapy for years because of my lonliness and inability to find happiness in my life.


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