My Annual Affair With Chapel Hill

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  1. Tom Matlack says:

    Okay I love and hate this piece. I grew up in Amherst and my parents left just as I went to college. I was too young to see Dr. J play at Curry Hicks cage and had left well befor the Marcus Camby era. That didn’t stop me from actually going to the tournament to see Camby and the coach Cal team play and lose.

    That was a while ago and Umass stinks. Which gets me to this Chapel Hill thing. I suppose I root for UNC over Duke but neither is a team I like. I root for the underdogs in the tourney. Its the American Idol of sports–a fair fight where talent on the big stage does matter. When is big time college football going to realize they should do the same thing?

    Btw the Heels have no chance this year. SD State all the way!

  2. Riccardo says:

    Thanks for following! Check us out at and feel free to contact us, RT and get involved!


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