My Exemplary, Everyday Marriage

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About Tom Forrister

Tom Forrister is a student, writer, and Georgia native who now resides in Massachusetts with his wife and ball pythons. When not writing, he enjoys singing, weight training, and exploring New England's nooks and crannies with his trusty video camera.


  1. Congrats; this just highlights how silly the civil liberties restrictions on marriage are, when what really is important are the people involved.

  2. Tom, what a lovely article. It’s well-written and clearly from the heart. I’m proud of you and Bella for all you’ve gone through to become the people you are today. I’m glad you found each other to love and be supportive of.

  3. Love has no gender. Why should laws governing marriage or couple rights be dfferent? May the trials you and Bella have fought through and overcome be inspiration to others in their trials. Thank you for sharing your story.

  4. aaron mauthe says:

    Tom, I feel that I must appologize, as Karey and Scott never told me of you and my mother’s marriage until after the fact. if I had known, I would have been there to support the both of you. I do hope that at some point, the both of you decide to renew your wedding vows so that I may have the honor of attending the ceremony. Until then know that I love you both, and that I wish you the best.

  5. Thank you for writing this article. Someone I know has recently transitioned FTM and has been in a committed relationship with a woman before/during/after transitioning, so this is a very valuable perspective to hear from. Congrats.

  6. Disasociated idenity disorder.
    It may saound like a love story and it may very well be that, but the fact is that he/she is still a female in denial of accepting who theyu really are. If a person choses there sexual orientation it should not be pressed onto the rest of the world to be accepted as a natural choice. The choice to love is what it is said to be all about but it is not natrual due to the fact that two people of the same sex cannot reproduce. If that were so then they would be another race of people. But that is not the case at all. Its about sex and the choice with whom you choose to make as you sex partner. Reproduce natrually as a man and a woman do and I will retract my statement.

    • Oh, go away.

    • Tom Forrister says:

      Hmm, you aren’t my therapist, so please don’t diagnose me.

    • A Dude Abides says:

      If you don’t know
      1a) how to spell “dissociated” or “disassociated,”
      let alone
      1b) that the proper term there is “dissociative” –
      or, for that matter,
      2) how to spell “natural,”
      3) the difference between “its” and “it’s,”
      4) the difference between “there” and “their,”
      then you should probably refrain from commenting, if only as a matter of prudence to avoid making yourself and your side of the argument look bad. It’s one thing to have an incorrect opinion, as at leat one person in every real debate must, is one thing, but being stupid is another.

      And what about attraction experienced by postmenopausal women and by men who have had vasectomies? For the ultimate case, what about attraction that the former feel toward the latter and vice versa? Reproduction isn’t everything, bro.

      I’d critique your argument in more detail were it not for the fact that your post’s disjointedness, missing pronoun antecedents, etc. prevent me from understanding what you’re trying to say.

      So come back when you’ve taken a logic course, a remedial course in writing mechanics, and preferably a keyboarding skills refresher. Until then, go hang out on 4chan or something.

      • A Dude Abides says:

        * delete redundant instance of “is one thing, ” (mistakenly left in as an artifact of editing) — nobody’s perfect, but even those of us who screw up once in a while write better comments than you do.


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