My Father’s Ponytails: A Love Story

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About Oliver Lee Bateman

Good Men Project contributing editor Oliver Lee Bateman is one of the founders of the Moustache Club of America and Penny & Farthing, two blogzines specializing in flash fiction and creative nonfiction that he co-curates with web developer Erik Hinton, medical consultant Nathan Zimmerman, and freelance writers Christie Chapman and J. R. Powell. He is a lawyer as well as an assistant professor at the University of Texas at Arlington. Follow him on Twitter @MoustacheClubUS or on Google+. Oliver's Spring 2014 US History From the Civil War to the Present course is being live-streamed by UTA. You can access these lectures by clicking here.


  1. great to see you back OLB and great story about your lovable eccentric dad.

  2. Does he train the Shih-Tzus’ hair as well? The photo would seem to say Yes :)

    Your dad sounds like quite a character – in a good sense.

  3. Oliver Lee Bateman says:

    He does. He loves his little dogs!

  4. I can testify to the truth of this story. However, you did leave out the part of how he believed his long locks gave him strength – like Sampson. Looking back on my childhood I can now see his slow descent from normalcy into complete madness.


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