My Name Is John, And I’m An Addict

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About John Taylor

John Taylor is a husband, dad of two, aspiring writer, and testicular cancer survivor. Better known online as "ThatJohnnyDude" you can find him writing in multiple places on the web about life and fatherhood, as well as a personal creative writing blog.


  1. So proud of you for speaking out bravely, and grateful to see your name among those who publish here. Thank you for your words and your honesty. This: “I’m not okay, but I accept that. I accept that I am not “damaged goods” or “irreparable.” I am not wrong for being not okay. I am not a monster. I am not defective. I am a man. I am a human. I have feelings. I have strength, and I also have weakness. ” You are so right, and you are also a fighter. *HUG*

  2. Is that so wrong? I’m going to do more than just “suck it up.” I’m going to sucker punch the hell out of my life. That’s my masculinity. That’s my choice. This is my life.

    And it’s all I have.
    Then you have plenty.

    Live well my man, live well.

  3. Tom Brechlin says:

    God bless ya. I’m an addictions counselor in a residential facility for adolescent boys. So glad you shared this. Lot of places are moving away from 12 step programs ands that’s sad because they work! I wish there were more 12 step programs for adolescents, it builds a life long foundation. Take care dude and thanks again.

  4. I found you in the reblog of The AA Blog. Will be back. The part of the post that spoke to me was “Show me one man on Earth who has no weakness, and I will show you God, walking amongst men.” An uncommon perspective. Congrats on your sobriety and for being an example among men in humility.

  5. I too have an addiction is it an prob not no 50 to 80percent of addicts get ckean by themselves i think its prob a habit is all it is still a struggle take csre

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