My Wife is Attracted to Black Guys, and I’m White

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Eli and Josie, friends since college, realized how lucky they were to have one another—an honest friend of the opposite sex who tells it like it is. They wanted to share that with the world and so was born.


  1. #1 I think the husband knows his wife IS attracted to Black men. His insecurity stems from the knowledge that she might act out her fantasy. I am a Black guy. Here is what I have discovered about many white women (not all). Many have the fantasy of screwing a Black man. Some have friends that have done so and talked about it….

    Generally speaking people prefer members of their own race, religion, ethnicity, etc. However, many people don’t mind dating or sexing those who are not. Just because one has a preference for his or her own race….doers not make one a racist.

    #2 “…..I have a strong desire to have sex with a black man.”
    She knows why she wants a Black man. Let’s at least be honest here.

    Sounds like her mind is already made up on this one. Enjoy!


    • Slightly off-top:


      You make a good point. I really wish more people would educate themselves on the difference between genuine racism and simple tribalism, as it would go a long way towards helping us understand and talk about the issue of race in our modern culture. I have no problem with people preferring to spend time with members of their own race (tribalism). However, believing one’s own race is inherently superior and/or purposely excluding members of other races from key social positions (racism) is much more problematic for everyone.

  2. wellokaythen says:

    A very simple solution, though perhaps not an easy one:

    Just change your race. There are transgender and transsexual people out there, so we ought to make room for the possibility of transracial people. Perhaps youhave for a long time identified as cis-white. Make the transition to being trans-black.

    You’ll encounter a lot of hostile prejudice if you do this. A lot of people out there are extremely transphobic. They don’t want to give up their pre-conceived categories, because they feel threatened when unexamined identities face real challenges, but stick to your guns and follow your heart, and they’ll come around, one person at a time.

  3. Sex is mostly psychological. The physical act stays the same. Granted a young black man marketing himself to white women on Craigslist probably will be a better lover than a middle aged white husband, but most of the enjoyment these white women get from sexing blacks is psychological.

    It’s the thrill of a new partner, the experience of sex with a large black penis and the taboo of having sex outside of her own ethnic group which act as three very big psychological stimulants. The woman enjoys the sex very much, tells all her friends and so the damaging propaganda spreads of how superior the black man is and that every white woman has to try it.

    It’s very similar to kleptomania – the woman is getting a mental thrill from, firstly, cheating on her husband[ and, secondly, the taboo of screwing a black man. In spite of what the liberal crackpots say, race does matter, as there are quite extensive physiological differences between black and white men. As one poster already mentioned, tribalism is natural and it’s OK and not racist for white men to disprove of this fad among white women.

    Back to the questions: the white woman will eventually get bored with her black lover just like she got bored with her husband. She has a choice: stay married and deal with the boredom or end the marriage and keep jumping from one partner to the next everytime to avoid sexual boredom, until she’s too old and it’s no longer possible.

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