Could There Have Been A Third Gender In Eden?

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Wilhelm Cortez is the Social Justice editor for The Good Men Project.
Teacher, traveler, performer. He makes the world his home.


  1. Hi Wilhelm
    Maybe this a first step in the right direction :

    ✺”Germany has announced legislation to allow parents not to record the gender of their newborn – this is just a small step in the long march to equal rights and recognition for intersex, transsexual and transgender people in Europe.”✺

  2. Doug Zeigler says:

    Ishmael by Daniel Quinn truly change how I looked at life and our planet…but I hadn’t though to extrapolate it out to gender. Fantastic view as usual, Wilhelm.

  3. I mean, If you think those primitives are so awesome.. I’m sure you could go live with them right?

    I’m perfectly happy here, realizing that Nature and the World are inherently the enemies of human kind and accepting that there are only 2 genders, and anyone else is simply confused.

    What confuses me though is the amount of effort we put into placating them, out of all sufferers of psychoses, they are the only ones we actively encourage to mutilate themselves in order to make themselves happier.


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