Why I’m Not Cut Out for Internet Dating

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  1. I totally agree with this article. But After trying online dating for a while and finding it a total failure, I am as surprised as anyone to say I met a wonderful man online. Smart, funny, a great dad, successful, attractive and everything I could ask for. Also, he just happened to be an old friend i hadn’t seen in over 12 years. Coming up on a year and a half of being together now. I can’t say it was a successful “online dating” experience. But we would have never reconnected if he hasn’t seen my profile and asked me out for coffee to catch up.

  2. You wrote: “…they might prefer someone who compliments them…”

    I love compliments, but I’d prefer someone who complements me…

  3. lookingformysoulmate says:

    I agree with you. I met my most recent relationship online. We both lived in a rural area, but we both came from other states/cities. I thought we were soul mates, but I guess not (why it ended is mainly a mystery to me, but that’s another conversation.) We were together for 2 ½ years. Friends thought we’d get married – that is not a requirement for me, I’d be happy just in a committed relationship and living together, but I would if he wanted it. (It would be a long engagement-I was married quite some time ago.) He brought up living together shortly before things changed. (He got a job that would take him out of the country for months/years.)

    I created a profile on a site – I was considered “hot”. I got many messages, most were vulgar. I responded to the first guy – just the initial response back (he wanted to meet – he didn’t even know me) and explained that we didn’t have something in common that I felt was important to him. He has motorcycles and I don’t like to ride on those anymore. I just was being honest. He got rude with me, saying I was a snob and I should get off my high horse. I blocked him from contacting me. After that, I decided to not reply to anyone that doesn’t interest me. After 2 weeks of vulgar comments – I guess guys just like to talk to you that way, just because they can? – I deleted my profile. My impression is that most guys on there have something wrong with them (on the flip side, many women could be nuts, too!) Many just want to hook up. I also think most of them will always “keep their options open” – maintain a profile even after you are in a relationship. I am wondering if the last guy did. He closed the profile that we met on, but I think he may have had another on a different site I hadn’t heard of until recently. I trusted him almost completely the first 1 ½ years, but we had a few issues over that next year that started to erode my trust. I know that guys can still cheat without being on a dating site at all, but it is an easy draw to look for something better all the time.
    I hope to find my soul mate the old-fashioned way – by chance – but you have to make sure you are getting the best possible chances. I don’t think I made a mistake moving here, but I have wasted several years thinking I’d find someone like me in this area. There are so few guys here that aren’t married and those that aren’t, they’re just different. Seeing that I live in a rural area and my options here are extremely limited, I am selling my house and moving to a much larger city. Still, I may not find him but at least I should have better odds. I will want to know if he is on a dating site, though. If he is, I probably will not want to pursue the relationship. If he was on one and closed it for the same reason I did, then he might be a possibility.

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