On #Abandonment, Be It of Yard or Blog

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About David Matthews

David Matthews is a freelance writer with a Twitter account living in Brooklyn like all the rest.


  1. [...] began kicking around the concept of the inaity of oversatured news coverage in my head, I read this piece by Deadspin alum David Matthews.  It couldn’t have come at a better time.  1.) Because I [...]

  2. [...] in the parking lot at Dodger Stadium on Opening Day. It brought out the trolls and the cranky, old tough-guy sportswriters—who in this case are one in the same—but more than anything, it was just an awful [...]

  3. [...] First off, I really respect everything that they’re trying to do at Grantland. As a young writer, it is absolutely awesome that a site like Grantland exists, a site, supposedly, where writers can try new things out, can fail, can succeed, and can continue the move away from baseless generalizations and hackery like this or anything that John Steigerwald has ever written. [...]

  4. [...] David Matthews, “On #Abandonment, Be It of Yard or Blog” [...]

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