On (LGBT) Rights and Wrongs

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Good Men Project contributing editor Oliver Lee Bateman is one of the founders of the Moustache Club of America and Penny & Farthing, two blogzines specializing in flash fiction and creative nonfiction that he co-curates with web developer Erik Hinton, medical consultant Nathan Zimmerman, and freelance writers Christie Chapman and J. R. Powell. He is a lawyer as well as an assistant professor at the University of Texas at Arlington. Follow him on Twitter @MoustacheClubUS or on Google+. Oliver's Spring 2014 US History From the Civil War to the Present course is being live-streamed by UTA. You can access these lectures by clicking here.


  1. Thank you for taking the brave position of asking a bunch of questions and closing with an undergrad-like “Who the hell knows.”

  2. AnonymousDog says:

    You seem to think that not only does a person have a right ‘to be let alone’ (with which I would agree) but you also seem to think that a person has a right to social acceptance as well. Once you’ve gotten there, you’d better start considering how such a ‘right’ would be enforced, and whether a state which is in the business of enforcing social acceptance is one in which you’d want to live.


  1. […] of the things that has been lost with the gradual dulling and diminishing of the original movement for Gay Liberation is the notion that r….  The Good Men Project and other publications continue to give voice to individuals who wish to […]

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