One Arm, 8-0 Record: Talking MMA With Nick Newell

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About David Karpel

David Karpel is from Miami Beach and now lives in a South Florida suburb. He is married to the funniest woman in the world and they have two freakishly well-behaved children. When he’s not teaching Krav Maga, practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu, or eating leather in muay Thai classes, he’s a high school English and Social Studies teacher, aspiring poet and amateur essayist, neglectful blogger at Jew Jitsu: Life in Search of the Soul Roll, and the founder of Frum Fit to Fight, a self-defense academy dedicated to serving the Orthodox Jewish community.


  1. As busy as a one armed man in an ass beating contest…

  2. What a well written article. Really terrific questions.


  1. [...] us asking ourselves, How bad do I want something in life? And then there are stories like that of Nick Newell – an undefeated MMA fighter who has only one fully formed arm – and Aaron Aby, our [...]

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