Our Divided Ad Hoc Supreme Court

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About John K. Anderson

John Anderson is a former student of political science and political professional who worked on a variety of campaigns in the Midwest and on the East Coast. He currently lives in Minneapolis where everyone is friendly and there are lots of lakes. He blogs at longwalkdownlyndale


  1. Will Best says:

    It was time for automatic inclusion to die. The liberal justices were attempting to condemn another generation of people to supervision for the crimes of their grandparents and great grandparents most of whom are dead now. The south needs no more supervision than Philly or Chicago.

    Voter ID laws are only controversial in this country, lord knows why since they more often than not increase minority turnout.

    Your understanding of the DOMA is wrong. The section of DOMA that the conservatives wanted to uphold was the section that defines marriage for the purposes of FEDERAL GOVERNMENT classifications and benefits. The federal government is not required to, and often doesn’t, recognize special relationships created by states, countries, or other institutions.

    Most the cases are decided with 7+ majorities. I have been following the court a while and the only two that seem to be politically motivated are Kennedy and Roberts and they are less so than you might think. Everybody else consistently applies guiding principles they believe in. The liberal wing is a bit less stable in their beliefs given the inherent instability in their philosophy (evolving standards), and occasionally a justice will outsmart themselves.

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