Please Be That Guy! 7 Men Who Are Transforming Masculinity

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About Jamie Utt

Jamie Utt is a diversity and inclusion consultant and sexual violence prevention educator based in Minneapolis, MN. He lives with his loving partner and his funtastic dog, Chloe. He blogs weekly at Change From Within. Learn more about his work at


  1. “Despite the noise created by the ignorance in the Men’s Rights Movement, a tide is shifting.”

    There you go, showing your own ignorance by insulting the MRM. Considering the MRM is pretty much the only group even bothering to talk deepy about issues affecting men, Don’t be that guy who dismisses it as noise.

    “More and more men are standing up to misogyny, to sexual violence, to street harassment, to victim blaming, to rape apologia, to sexism.”

    Me too, many of whom are MRA’s. Feminism does not hold a monopoly on equality, it’s important for both genders to have a movement dedicated to their struggles.

    “To understand how easy Jackson makes it for men to engage in the conversation of feminism and transformative masculinity, look no further than his viral Ted Talk:”

    We need far more than just feminist views of masculinity though. And considering more often than not I am told, and see others get told that men should not be in the feminist movement except to be an ally to female issues, I am wondering if the feminist framework is really right to disucss masculinity?

    Love him or hate him, Warren Farrel has done quite a lot for men so I shall thank him. Glenn Sacks too has helped men, Ally Fogg is also getting male issues raised too. Toysoldiers for his tireless effort against sexual violence, Glen Poole for his work on advocating for men and boys.

    AS a side note, have you ever seen women call for an end of their violence against men like Carlos’s article on CiF? I see a plethora of men’s chivalrous attitudes towards protecting women, fighting against male perpetrated violence towards women yet absolute deafening crickets by women doing the same to stop their violence against men. Statistics clearly prove it’s a major issue, so if equality were really the goal then it should be very easy to find articles of women telling other women to stop being abusive n violent, even campaigns similar to white ribbon…surely it’d be easy right? Or maybe we have a very long way to go towards equality when currently the major push is near universally that of helping one gender alone under the guise of equality. And yes this paragraph is directed at every single woman, just as countless comments are directed at me and other men to speak out against male-perpetrated violence against women. Do not let us stand alone, we too bleed, we too suffer great amounts of violence, homicide, sexual, physical, and mental assault against us. Write articles, speak up against violence women perpetrate against men, hell everyone should speak up against any violence to anyone, because that is true equality, something we do not reach by myopic views on tackling only 1 genders problems.

  2. wellokaythen says:

    Sorry if I’m being way too literal here, but I refuse to “be” anyone else. I try to be more like people I admire, but I will never be them, and I should not attempt to be them. Ask me to try to BE LIKE these men, but don’t ever tell me to BE someone else. I prefer to be myself, and hopefully I can learn from other people as I go along.

    Meanwhile, the phrase “That Guy” is most commonly used as a kind of insult today.

    • I think that’s a part of the problem. Instead of bring straight and honest and to the point on behavior there is a desire to either “reclaim” a phrase or come up with the next hip phrase.

      Honestly speaking Jamie is on to some really true and solid stuff here. But by trying to package it into something hip and meant to go viral the message can get lost in translation.

      (And yeah that cheap shot at MRAs, congratulations you just unnecessarily attacked some folks. And for what?)

  3. Tom Brechlin says:

    I’m getting tired of “preaching to the choir” I don’t know of any men who reads GMP who would disagree that men shouldn’t disrespect women. But I do know a lot of men who read GMP who want to hear more about the moves being made to not only acknowledge the level in which men been abused but also a plan of action get the information out in the world and DO SOMETHING about it. Warren Ferril has been and when you look at this clip, you’ll see what MRM’s are up against.

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