Project Unspoken: You’re not just a victim. You’re a survivor.


Soonsung Park sent me this video in response to posting Trey Malone’s suicide note with the following message: “This is a video created by the students in Emory to raise awareness of sexual violence. On the behalf of student in Emory University, we are here to stand with the issue that needs to be addressed and fixed.”






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  1. Caleb Peng says:

    Besides the pregnancy rate portion of the stats part, the rest is gender neutral. Our goal is never to minimize the occurrence of sexual violence towards anyone. For our first video, we gathered the statistics from a study from the CDC because that was the most reliable source we had. If you have any sources that are more accurate, please let us know. Thank you for watching.

    Caleb Peng
    Creator of Project Unspoken

    • Greg Allan says:

      “Besides the pregnancy rate portion of the stats part, the rest is gender neutral”

      That part alludes to more than pregnancy but still only to female victims. As the only “information” part it sets the tone for the entire production. To an outside observer it WILL come across as specific to female victims. You can’t exclude victims from the picture and then claim that gender neutral language includes them.

      You mention the CDC as a source. I suspect you obtained information via the Womens Centre or equivalent. Recommend you read the actual report.

  2. Caleb Peng says:

    Thank you for posting this! To end sexual violence, people need to know the severity and prevalence of the issue first. Sharing this video is helping us progress.

    With Gratitude,
    Caleb Peng
    Creator of Project Unspoken

    • At the point of entry to post secondary education there are as many male victims of sexual abuse as there are female. This production has radically excised those male victims from view.

      Awareness begins with knowing WHO the victims actually are.

  3. wellokaythen says:

    Excellent point to make about the difference between being a victim and being a survivor.

    However, I wouldn’t want anyone to lose sight of the fact that not all victims actually survive their victimization. There are victims who never got the chance to call themselves survivors, because they did not survive. Don’t forget the victims who are not survivors.

  4. Hunter @Green Detective says:

    Stand up, sound out. Demand human rights. Work together!

  5. You are a good man, Tom! Thanks for posting this!

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