‘Put Your Hands Up, and Step Away From the … Child?’

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About Eli Kaplan

Eli Kaplan is a modern renaissance man, honing his skills as an indie-rock musician, writer, mentor, and the “He” in She Said He Said, (a sex and dating advice blog). Eli also happens to be a food lover, a fitness fanatic, and a sports enthusiast (Go Detroit!).


  1. I didn’t exactly have friends in grade school. One teacher noticed this and tried to make up for it I by giving me things and teaching me to tie flies for fly fishing. I don’t give a damn about fishing these days, but believe me, I did when it was a sign that someone accepted me. I struggled with the fact all the rest of the students in my grade hated that teacher (the grade below loved him). But yeah, when making a list of people that kept me from going all into out of control depression, (as opposed to the in-control depression I lived in) he’s one of the only teachers I can add to that list and only one of a very short list of people. And yes he gave me a hug once or twice.

    But, now that I’m a feminist, I’d suggest that we need to start teaching people how to tell the difference between a pedophile and a good person. Feminism has taught me a lot about the difference and how to understand what a good man is. I see it in egypt when a woman goes out to protest for her rights and her husband is beside her, I see it in mala’s father, I see it in single fathers that support their daughters and sons in their goals.


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