Radical Openness: Where Ideas Have Sex [video]

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  1. David Byron says:

    People always seem to like the idea of the exchange of ideas a lot more in theory than they do in practise.

    And as a metaphor of biological genes we should remember that genes don’t all get swept together in a big pot where they all do a big sexy-dance and combine and produce new genes. Genes co-operate in gangs and try to beat the everliving shit out of the other gangs of genes. They try to destroy their competitors, even and perhaps especially if their competitors are within the same species gene pool.

    Ideas do the same things.

    Radical openness is a nice idea but I don’t think it really happens. Instead memes form gangs and they try to beat the other gangs up and destroy them. The human mind can’t really access two ideas from opposing gangs and hold them together at once. Not very easily anyway. Humans have developed tools to try and at least monitor and manage the way memes fight each other to determine which gangs of memes are better for humans (science, and the court system are examples of these tools), but they really don’t have any tools for actually allowing humans to take a meme from one gang and a meme from another and hold them both in mind and combine them.

  2. Valter Viglietti says:

    “Terence McKenna said that from the moment that human beings invented language, biological evolution essential ceased and evolution became a cultural epigenetic phenomenon.”

    Biological evolution has – of course – never stopped.
    It’s just so slow we don’t notice it anymore, being immersed (as we are) in much faster technological and cultural evolutions.

    But we’re subject to biology nevertheless, much like our primates ancestors.
    Things like sexual drive, fight or flight, parental istincts, come mainly from our biology.
    Thinking that biology will be overcome is very naive… until we’ll be able to abandon our bodies, that is. ;)

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