RIP Steve Jobs. We Will Miss You.

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  1. To my knowledge, Steve Jobs was far and away the greatest visionary-genius during my lifetime.

    Some Nobel prize winning scientist may have done some things that will have a greater impact on our lives long term, but I don’t know who that might be.

    • Lisa Hickey says:

      I agree Eric. I can’t think of anyone else that even comes close to creating things that changed my life in as many ways as he did. Directly because of what he did at Apple, I was able to be more creative, learn computer technology without fear, get better jobs, connect with more people, be more productive. Because of Apple technology, I no longer felt lost in the world — both literally because of the maps on my iphone, and figuratively because of the way his products helped me navigate through waves of information.

      From a very deep, very personal level, I can’t say enough about what a hero and an inspiration he was, and how much I will miss him.

  2. My father, who could play any musical instrument and lead world-class military marching bands the world over, but who could not remember which end of a screwdriver was the working end and who could not program the clock on a VCR no matter how many times he was shown, my father owned and used a Macintosh personal computer. He printed papers and pamphlets, edited and assembled presentations and research projects, basically ran a desktop publishing business out of his little home office, for free, for college students and church members. On a Mac.

    I miss Steve Jobs already. Almost as much as I miss Jim Henson.

    Rest in peace, Steve. Or, hang around and whisper inspiration and encouragement into the physical ears of those of us dreamers who remain. Whatever makes you happy.

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