Running Away To Find Myself

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  1. I’m so grateful that Good Men Project has found you. What a stellar addition to the writers here. This is one of my favorite posts from you… great imagery for the senses, and great vulnerability in allowing your readers into your heart and your head during this period in your life. I know it resonates with me in particular because of my own recent custody battle. Thank you for your willingness to share this, both on your blog and for the wider readership here. It’s a great reflection on who you are as a person, an introduction to Lance the guy as well as Lance the writer.

  2. I have meaning to come over here and congratulate you on the syndication and TGMP on their excellent choice. I recently read this piece on your blog and was touched by the deep honesty of this piece and he message that there is always a turn in the road–or a steak and Key West sand.

    Well done, my friend.

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