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  1. “To make a verb form out of the name “Sandusky,” moreover using it in a passive tense, implies an air of legitimacy and inevitability and ascribes an irreverent casualness to heinous crimes, as if they were every day events.”

    Wow, such a dramatic and important point. I am sickened that students are doing this. Personally, I make all kinds of words into verbs because language play is fun, but this is sick. I am sure there are plenty of Penn State students with the proper attitude of shock and horror in response to what was done to these boys by their worshipped role models, but right now the media is certainly showing the underbelly of student culture there.

  2. Tom Matlack says:


    Thank you for the courage to share this story. I know it is not easy and it helps us all to reflect on the importance of this issue.


  3. MediaHound says:

    Conservative estimates published in the journal Science suggest that 5% to 10% of American boys have been sexually assaulted, as have 20% of girls. Some 90% of these cases are never reported.

    Penn State reports over 80000 students – ratios 54% Men, 46% Women.

    That means conservatively 13440 Penn State students have a history of sexual abuse as a child.

    Some will be football players and other sports students.

    Every time a PSU student makes light of events, they abuse at least 13440 people at PSU.

    PSU apparently does not welcome such abuse due to minority status.

    Some will call upon First Amendment Rights – at which point the should also be asked to be freely subjected to sexual abuse as a minor, so they can make a considered judgment as to how the two should be treated comparatively.

    First Amendment Rights allow all to say NO and mean NO! Those who fail to listen seem to have a lot in common with the person they verb – and they should consider amending their attitudes.

  4. shan diggs says:

    I think this is a good thing, a way the young people are taking control of a bad situation by turning this reprehensible man’s name into a negative verb. The intention is to shame the man responsible every time it is used, to make it impossible to forget and to turn the other cheek when it is brought up every day, with the unspoken message “dont be a Sandusky, or your name will become synonymous with pedophilia, rape and all sorts of bad things.

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