See Jane Do: Moral Agency and Gender

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Typhonblue is a Canadian in her thirties. She writes about the state of decay in the relationship between the genders in our culture with a focus on men’s vulnerability and women’s agency. She blogs at


  1. If what you say is true, why are according to many new studies being done, are young men falling so far behind young women in education today?

  2. Part of the answer to Bobbt’s question may be that so many boys are losing ground in the early stages of their education and simply never make it up.

    Another part of the answer (I believe) is that especially at lower levels education is increasingly becoming a matter of the pupil/student accepting what they are told rather than thinking for themselves or understanding “from first principles”, and (for whatever reason) girls have always been better at that kind of learning. (Attitudes to authority are relevant here, in ways that key in with Typhonblue’s thesis.

  3. Typhonblue — I love this! Thanks for posting. I think there is some important food for thought regarding women – particularly young girls – becoming aware of these typecasts and taking agency for themselves. Furthermore, I’m particularly intrigued about the ideas you raise in this article regarding inner city students, particularly minority males. I think there are similar affects there as well.

  4. I love this too because it essentially undercuts feminist victimology but in a way that feminists are basically forced to agree with. According to many feminists if a drunk man and drunk woman have sex than the man has raped the woman. In fact feminists are working hard to make this the law everywhere. But of course this ONLY makes sense if you think of women has being morally passive. They are acted upon. Because otherwise the situation is symmetrical.

    This was brought home to me in a pretty dramatic way in the case of Lois Feldman

    She had public drunken sex with a man in a bathroom stall and said she doesn’t remember doing it. There were many comments saying she might have been raped.

  5. I found the link to the article by feminist writer Moe Tkacik (Slate XX) who considered the Lois Feldman case a possible rape.

    Nothing illustrates the feminist view of women’s moral passivity than this article. Basically Lois Feldman consensually engaged in public drunken sex and then proceeded to lie about it by saying she doesn’t remember anything.

    But Moe never even conceives of this. After all how is it possible that a women could ever lie! She assumes the woman is telling the truth about not remembering and that all the people watching must have been cheering a rape! This is how far a feminist will go to deny a women’s agency and promote female victimology. Disgusting. Or maybe i should say EWWW C-R-E-E-P-Y.

  6. Just curious, why is there an image of Peppa Pig at the top of this article? I mean, I find the program to be the most anti-male, anti-father thing I’ve ever seen directed towards small children, but I’m not sure of its particular relevance here.

  7. The parallel paradigm (or PP for short – ha!), is that females internalize (acted upon) while men externalize (act upon) – similar stereotype.

    Great read Ms. Blue.

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