Sexual Pain and Sexual Healing

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  1. Whilst this article does contain a certain level of information useful to men about others – it has a marked paucity of information about men.

    Given the title of the book it is about it may be self evident what the issues are? “Healing Painful Sex:
    A Woman’s Guide to Confronting, Diagnosing, and Treating Sexual Pain”.

    Also as a man I do take it slightly on the chin when I read such lines as “It’s also important to offer help, in any way your partner might need; doing this shows that you haven’t given up on your partner, you love her, and you are still invested in the relationship.”

    I’m male – macho – masculine – I even have a penis and testicles! What would I do with a partner who has Sexual Pain in “HIS” Cock? The hetronormative is a minor issue compared to the others.

  2. I had pudendal nerve entrapment after childbirth. I had pudendal nerve decompression surgery with Dr. Ansell in Houston, and it healed my pain. I am so glad to have that painful chapter of my life behind me!


  1. [...] to an article from The Good Men Project, researchers have found that 16 to 20 percent of women will experience sexual pain in their life. [...]

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