Misadventures in Campaign Journalism

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About Lucy Berrington

Lucy Berrington is a British-American writer based in Boston, MA. Her journalism and fiction have been published in The New York Post (an effort that unaccountably failed to destroy Obama's political future), The Daily Beast, The Boston Globe, The New England Review, The London Times, The Guardian, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and other newspapers and magazines in the US and UK. She blogs on autism for Psychology Today.


  1. “The biggest shock was the sexism of the left. It isn’t that the liberal landscape had previously impressed us as a gender-free utopia, but the progressives who took for granted that our piece was an attack on Obama–and vented at length–had nothing to say about the alleged weapon.”

    I’ve never shared your optimism about the left when it comes to this. It’s easy to expect a progressive view of men to follow from a progressive view of women, but in my experience that’s not the case. I don’t know of any political movement that actually embraces a progressive view of men.

  2. Richard Aubrey says:

    Regards sexism of the left. You should read why Robin of Berkely eventually came to her senses.

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