That Smell: A Wounded Marine Reflects on Veterans Day

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About James Brobyn

James Brobyn is Executive Director of the Travis Manion Foundation, which assists veterans and families of fallen service members. He still serves as Vice President of the Naval Academy Class of 2004. A mustang, James was an enlisted Marine for several years prior to his admission to the U.S. Naval Academy and being commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. He subsequently served two combat deployments in Western Al-Anbar Province, Iraq as an infantryman with Third Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion – first as a platoon commander and then as the Executive Officer of Apache Company. James received a Purple Heart after he was wounded in an IED attack during his first deployment.


  1. Incredible stuff. Thanks for sharing. I read every single word and thank you and all of your comrades for your service. I agree with you about the coming together mood of our country after such disasters and have recently been trying to retrain my brain to be more selfless at all times, not just during such aftermaths. I’ve been trying to do more “social good” and can’t thank you enough for this post that makes me want to do even more. I’m saving this post and will read it over and over again and hope others do the same.

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