Standing Ovation for Google “Dads” Ad Campaign

The guys I know love their kids so much it hurts. Over coffee we talk about how being a dad is the most remarkable, inspiring, and important thing in our lives.  That’s why being told we suck at it really stings.

Last night I was just getting over the comments made by a babble editor after they published a blog saying how dads can’t cuddle their kids as well as moms when I flipped on the television.  My first shock was to watch Don on Mad Men turning his life around and becoming a committed husband and dad. I had the show on DVR but for some reason (my wife and I were half asleep I think) I let one of the commercial blocks play through.  That’s when I was REALLY shocked.  I watched this google ad which portrayed just the kind of father my friends are.

This morning I went back and made a few more comments on the Babble piece and then looked around the web and found another really cool dad ad for Google.
It must have been a series celebrating 21st century dads who change diapers and cuddle their kids (what?!?!?!?!?).



Thank you Google.  Along with Dove for Men (you know for the sensitive man in you, dude), you are breaking the stereotype and bringing reality to Madison Avenue when it comes to dads and men.

It’s about time.

Image from the Google Ad


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  1. I love how everyone seems to have ‘Discovered’ all of a sudden how it’s possible for men to be fathers AND be involved in all aspects of their childrens lives. I’ve been involved in every aspect of all my childrens lives and my oldest was just 32 a few months ago. And trust me , I never looked at any of it as a burden. In fact, I often tell them “I hope you had a good time growing up ,because I had a blast!

  2. Tom

    It’s sort of ironic – Being a Good Dad has been made a commodity – and then broadcast in the middle of Mad Men. P^)

  3. Gread ads showcasing awesome dads. People say advertising is manipulative but hey if it’s positive and well done I don’t really care. And the sharing of memories is a wonderful thing.

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