Submissions Call: Desperately Seeking Soulful Content

man on ledge2What does it mean to be a spiritual man in the 21st century? Let’s have that conversation.

Our Good for the Soul  section is now two months old and we are looking for new writers to join in the discussion of God, religion, soul, consciousness, mindfulness, faith and more. (We’re not really desperate, just eager).
Specific story ideas?

— What a Man Believes.
— My Wife is Mixed-race. I’m Rixed Religion.
— How Meditation got me the job of CEO.
— The Blue-collar Buddhist.
— Why I Never Mention Religion When I’m Out With the Guys.
— I don’t believe in God. But I’m glad my kids do.
— Tebowing and Other Spiritual Practices in Professional Sports.
— Does Racism Exist in Church Groups?
— Using Spirituality to Combat Racism, Sexism, Homophobia
— My Big Gay Church Wedding.

Send your content to our editors Ross Steinborn at or Lori Ann Lothian at

Last note: We welcome all viewpoints from all angles. That includes those who declare a lack of faith, from agnostic to atheist. We want to have a conversation, and that includes the fire of a good debate.

About Lori Ann Lothian

Lori Ann Lothian is a sexy daring writer who challenges assumptions about love, sex and relationships in her columns at Huffington Post and elephant Journal and in feature articles at the Good Men Project, Origin Magazine, Yoganonymous, Better After 50 and more. Former editor of the relationship section of elephant Journal, she is now a senior editor at the Good Men Project. Follow her on Twitter andGoogle. Stay informed, sign up for Lori’s mailing list here.


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