Tattoos on the Heart: A Book by Father Gregory Boyle

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  1. I’ll be picking this book up as soon as I have some spare cash laying around. And the quote about prisons is true… All a prison does is make the inmates even more criminal minded. They come out with the mindset that a criminal is all that they can be because prison does nothing but treat them like animals. And yes there are some people in prison who should be treated harshly and be kept away for good but the others that don’t like first time non violent offenders who would of never harmed another person intentionally come out with the “Kill or be killed” attitude making them into the hardened felons they would have never been if they had never been to prison.

    this link Is a website I’ll be submitting the prison quote to.

  2. Doesn’t this all come down to one thing…we need to end the War on Drugs. The crime, the gangs, the prisons it seems to me are just a symptom of the root cause.

  3. Sure, end the war on drugs, invade the depressed areas of our major cities with jobs programs, teachers, and infrastructure repair people, rejuvenate head start programs, change welfare laws to favor two-parent households, reinvent a legal system that over punishes non-violent offenders, increase funding for addiction treatment, I mean don’t get me started. My personal passion is to get good men to show up in the lives of boys everywhere. With all that under way, Fr. Boyle won’t feel so alone.


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