The Answer to Your Question Is: “‘Cause No-One Gives a S**t.”

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  1. There really is no such thing as Customer Service anymore and it’s due to a combination of things: (1) companies no longer have pride in their products and services because they’re mostly (greedy) corporate giants rather than individually-owned establishments; (2) they don’t bother to train employees because they don’t expect them to stay long; and (3) most employees don’t care because they’re not personally vested in the company’s success, they’re not paid well and they don’t expect to stay long either. So yeah, the bottom line in all these factors is that no one gives a shit. Sad.

  2. Valter Viglietti says:

    “without kids, humanity would cease to exist in a hundred years or so.”

    On a global (not antropocentric) perspective, that would be an improvement, overall. ;)

  3. frank mundo says:

    Catplex totally gets it.

  4. You know what really drives me nuts with these ‘customer service’ assholes? When you’ve gone round and round through all the transfers for 30-45 minutes, gotten absolutly nowhere, and they end the call with “The Engulf and Devoure Cop. thanks you for your patronage and looks foward to contuining to serve you in the future”. which is followed by “If you could please stay on the line and complete a short customer satisfaction survey to help us serve you better”. Incredable!

    • Hey bobbt,

      That is CLASSIC. I had a similar experience after staying in a hotel for 3 weeks which had faulty 3G reception and charged an arm and leg for web service. I complained to the front desk but they refused to help. Once I was home (4,000 miles away), they sent me a feedback form, I complained on the form about the wi-fi, THEN they offered to do something for me…next time I was in their hotel in England!

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