The Buffalo Bills and the Depreciating Expectations of a Fan’s Masochism

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Spencer Lund feels weird writing a bio in the third person, but he's contributed writing at Sports Grid, Asylum and other places. He keeps an NBA blog and has taken freelance payments in cheeseburgers and Camel Lights.


  1. The Bills beat New England!

  2. Yeah, well how do you feel now that they actually beat the mighty Pats?

    As a born & raised Buf’lo native, I understand. My eighty year old dad still lives and dies by their wins and losses every Sunday throughout the season. Drives mom nutz.

    But I have to tell ya, the single most encouraging thing I heard today was from one of the many SI/ESPN/radio podcasts that are plastered on-line. It said that the mood in the Bills locker room (and the Pats, for that matter) was “mature”. Their word, not mine.

    The team has apparently decided that as great as the win was for them, it was one win in a long season (and the Pats felt it was ‘only’ one loss in a long season). They’re right, of course, and fans know that. The attitude will serve them well.

    But cheering for a little while and thinking “Super Bowl!” is still fun to do on occasion.

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