The Consensus of Flies: A Rant

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About Jackie Summers

Jackie Summers is an author and entrepreneur. His blog F*cking in Brooklyn chronicles his quest to become a person worthy of love. His company, Jack From Brooklyn, Inc. houses his creative and entrepreneurial enterprises. Follow him on Twitter @jackfrombkln and friend him on Facebook


  1. “So why do we allow social memes several hundred years out of date to still permeate the id of our modern age?…Define your own humanity: don’t simply accept what’s been handed to you. Understand your limits for the intent purpose of defying them; know your nature and grow beyond it.”

    That is so powerful. I ask myself the same (less articulately composed) question every day. Why doesn’t everyone? I think it takes intelligence and self-confidence, but it also requires individuals to step aside from the herd of sheeple mindlessly consuming worthless and harmful media. Thanks for setting an example.

    • Lori, it’s far easier to follow than lead, easier to have others decide for you than to decide for yourself. I think individuals who are–as you point out–strong of mind and spirit, need to take a stand, set an example. In my mind, the example to be followed is: how to think for yourself.


  2. GirlGlad4the GMP says:

    Bravo Jackie!


  3. I have much to say but need to think about it — there is a lot here on so many levels…. the first of which is the use of violent language to change violent behavior…. more time to think please…

  4. Janet Dell says:

    Another blame male article on TGMP , what a shock.

    • “While this holds veracity in terms of crime and punishment, it’s facile to hold individuals liable while absolving the society that creates them. Who’s responsible?

      We are. ALL OF US.”

      • Plus, it’s plain freaking history. I don’t get offended when I’m reminded in my African Lit class through literature that whites once repressed blacks, so why do the men on this site constantly get offended when history reminds them that men once repressed women? It wasn’t you do the repressing, so getting offended over plain history is silly.


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