The Disconnect

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About Jackie Summers

Jackie Summers is an author and entrepreneur. His blog F*cking in Brooklyn chronicles his quest to become a person worthy of love. His company, Jack From Brooklyn, Inc. houses his creative and entrepreneurial enterprises. Follow him on Twitter @jackfrombkln and friend him on Facebook


  1. Peter Houlihan says:

    Well said :) Its nice to see someone showing business people some love.

  2. Anthony Zarat says:

    “A brilliant idea, and you’re actually a freaking genius”

    Or lucky.

  3. This is good, I am looking forward to learning more- I’ve been working on a couple of opportunities, and can definitley use the insight. Any books/ other resources you can recommend?

  4. Unfortunately, the only way to find out if it’s #1 is to go forward on the assumption that it’s #2 or #3.

  5. When you teach women to view themselves primarily in terms of being a victim you disenfranchise* them from ever being able to adopt this kind of mindset:

    “In other words, an entrepreneur is someone who doesn’t acknowledge the constraints of current reality, or more accurately, acknowledges them and proceeds anyway”

    Every single ‘but women are hurt more…’ promotes the functional disenfranchisement** of women in our society.

    * Ultimately no one can really remove someone else’s agency, they can only make it incredibly difficult to recognize it.
    ** Yep. I recognize the irony of saying ‘but women are hurt more…’ hurting women more.

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