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  2. Peter, I’m glad to see that you put your views aside for the sake of your kids. We all know there is no Santa but there is very much, for a child, an excitement in believing there is one. Growing up, my family was very religious yet my six siblings and I were given that fantasy for several years. I don’t see you as “duping” them but more so you’re giving them an opportunity to dream. I’ve yet met anyone who was crushed when they found out Santa wasn’t real. My own kids admitted to knowing there wasn’t a Santa a couple of years before and stated that they played along because they saw the excitement in my life, doing all the Santa stuff.

    In so far as God and believing … we all have our own journeys on that road. There is no clear recipe. All I suggest is that you leave your heart and mind open. You’re obviously a “thinker” which is a good thing but sometimes we over think things. Sometimes the answers we’re looking for in life are smack dab in front of us. What’s the old saying, “can’t see the forest for the trees?”

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