10 Things I Did Last Weekend

Amazingly enough, one of the things Sean Carney did not do last weekend was get engaged. This is what he did instead.

A friend of mine came into work on Monday morning and announced that she had gotten engaged to her longtime boyfriend over the weekend.

Here are 10 things that I did last weekend.



I concentrated on not going to the bathroom because I was out of toilet paper.

That lasted seven hours before I was forced to go to Walgreens. The cashier remembered me from my previous visits and in front of a large line of people asked, “What, no ice cream this time?”

Then she waited for me while I went back and got some.



I returned home from Walgreens and pulled open my refrigerator, only to have it tip over on me because there was nothing inside.

I put some old novels in the freezer and crisper drawers to weigh it down.

One of the novels was Fyodor Dostoevsky’s, The Idiot.



I found the switch to my garbage disposal.

I never knew I had a garbage disposal, so it scared the shit out of me.



I spoke with a drunken man named Derrick outside of a decrepit bar in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia.

Derrick was 70 years old and wearing a crumpled white tuxedo complete with tails. When I asked him why he was dressed so elegantly he responded, “I’m dying of prostate cancer. The doctor said I’ve got three months to live, so what the hell else should I be wearing?”

Derrick is awesome.



I wore a tie out to dinner because I was missing a button on the shirt, and then wore a vest over the tie because the tie had a stain.

I may need to go shopping.



I ordered pork fried rice but couldn’t remember which was bigger—a pint, or a quart.

It turns out a quart is bigger.

And I ate all of it.



I took an envelope that had been sitting in the lobby of my apartment building for about three weeks.

I had waited a sufficient period for someone to claim it and since the address had been handwritten I assumed it was personal, meaning potentially interesting or scandalous or filled with birthday money. It turned out to be a thank-you card for a wedding gift. A toaster. It was boring, so I threw it out.

The next morning someone rang the buzzer to my apartment, and I hid in the dark for 20 minutes.



I tried to clean my bathtub.

When I looked underneath my sink I discovered that I had two bottles left over from the previous tenant—a jug of bleach, and something with blue liquid in it. I decided to pour them both into the tub at once.

That was not a good decision.



I fell out of bed.


I don’t remember the first time because I woke up on the floor, but I distinctly remember the second time because as I was falling I groaned, “Not again.”



The tenth thing I did this past weekend was not get engaged.


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