A Perfect Test

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About Michael Copperman

Michael Copperman’s work has appeared in The Sun, The Oxford-American, Creative Nonfiction, Gulf Coast, Guernica, Copper Nickel, Unsaid, Post Road and Southword, among others. He is the recipient of awards and fellowships from the Munster Literature Center, the Oregon Arts Council, Literary Arts, and Breadloaf Writers Conference. From 2002-04 he taught fourth grade in the rural black public schools of the Mississippi Delta with Teach For America, and his memoir-in-progress, "Gone," concerns that experience.


  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    Yeah. The newbies get the tough classes. Seniority, or in this case, retirement threats.
    Generally speaking, the highest per-pupil expenditures are in the big cities, associated with the worst results. For arguing purposes, though, there’s usually a handy, up-scale ‘burb spending more and the activists can pretend all the ‘burbs spend that much, although they almost never do, and never spend as much as the big cities.

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