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About Robert Steven Williams

Robert Steven Williams is a story teller, musician and entrepreneur.  His first novel, My Year as a Clown received the silver medal for popular fiction from the Independent Publisher Book Awards in 2013. His work has appeared in such publications as the Orange Coast Review, Billboard, USA Today and Poets & Writers. He was also a finalist in the Raymond Carver Short Story Contest and executive producer of the highly praised CBGB Comic Book series, co-authoring one of the stories. He also co-authored The World’s Largest Market for the American Management Association. You can find him on My Year as a ClownRobertStevenWilliams.comFacebookTwitter @RSWwriterTumblr,Pinterest, and Google+.


  1. Good story …I am a coach and a divorced dad. As a coach and trainer of young athletes, I can tell you that Tommy has something in his spirit that is rare and probably impossible to coach;a big heart.His heart will take him farther than pure talent, although it appears he some of that too.I think Tommy will be fine even if he doesn’t make the team this year. Something tells me that if he wants it he will find a way to make it happen.Remember too that the growth that occurs during high school can be phenomenal.Just be there for him and he will let you know how best to help him.

    • You’re dead on there — you do need talent, but attitude is what’s most important. You see it in professional athletes all the time, heart wins out (of course heart and talent is your best combination — eg: Jordan or Getzky).

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