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Roger Torbert is a husband, father, child of the '80s, curriculum nerd, aspiring good man and Starbucks junkie---not necessarily in that order. His personal blog can be found at Too Much to Think.


  1. Adam McPhee says:

    There’s a bullseye in urinals now? If you mean the rubber mat or the urinal puck, peeing directly at/on this sometimes leads to splash back. No one wants to go back to class with pee sprayed on their pants/shirt.

    I also question trying to teach children to isolate themselves at the urinal (don’t turn, don’t talk, don’t acknowledge other people are peeing). I feel this is the root of the “no-gay zone” of urinal choosing later in life (one urinal between guys, one bus seat between guys, one movie seat between guys).

    Personally, when peeing with friends, especially when a stranger is present, I jokingly compliment them on their watch or their belt buckle. Everyone pees, we don’t need to treat it as an ultra-individual act. Otherwise, we might as well just all go in individual stalls as opposed to walless urinals (or single troughs if you’re British).

    • I once worked in a place with a couple of Vietman Vets. They had in the mens room urunial a bullseye with a likeness of Jane Fonda. With the caption “I’m not fonda of ‘Hanoi Jane’”

  2. “We aim to please, so you aim, too, please”?

  3. Adam McPhee says:

    “No matter how much you shake, or how much you dance,
    The last few drops always wind up in your pants”
    -Stephen King

  4. The targets are super cool waterproof stickers that you can place in the ‘sweet spot’ of a urinal. You can buy them with pictures of colorful targets or even animals. The boys love them and often talk about hitting the bulls eye! We ordered them online from:

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