Corporate Firefighters

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About Kevin Buckholtz

Kevin Buckholtz writes in case the big corporate day job doesn't work out. His essays have been featured in motorcycle magazines and on National Public Radio. Kevin lives in Northern California with his first (and last) wife and their two children. The kids' best qualities are blamed on their mother. Kevin has volunteered with Marin Search and Rescue since 2004; he swims the San Francisco Bay with the South End Rowing Club and is a certified Emergency Medical Technician.


  1. That was a nice piece, Kevin. I work in the Financial District so all of this–sans the free Redbull–is my life. I enjoy the sense of urgency and reaction taken away from “fighting fires” which are replaced by collaboration, communication, and teamwork. It gives both fire fighters and “fire fighters” the well-deserved day-to-day heroism.

    P.S. Glad to see you’re doing wonderful things in Marin County (the place I call home!).

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