Down the Hatch

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About Tsach Gilboa

Tsach Gilboa is an explorer of life, humanity, love and the meaning of it all and might just be here on loan from another dimension. An editor at The Good Men Project, he is a dad, writer, lawyer, entrepreneur and blogger. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter and find his writings on his blog Conversations With A Mad Man


  1. A beautifully written story that we both found quite comical. Although we both think you were the winner and should have gotten the girl! :)

  2. This is a terrific, cautionary tale that had me actually holding my breath. I recall games like that, and it is astonishing that we survive to adulthood to tell them. Well done on the surviving AND the telling, Tsach!

  3. ori rosenbaum says:

    Great read!
    I have many fond memories of youthful foolishness attempting to impress girls.
    This was a quick trip down memory lane that left a reflective smile on my face.
    I’m glad we’re still here to tell the tales.

  4. Enjoyed reading this story. Exactly what scares me about having an adventurous son.

  5. Gil Leitersdorf says:

    Enjoyed reading this very delicate and sensitive piece of your mind Tsach, thinking about humen nature in general & the way we, children and adults, approach friendship and it’s difficulties. Some very good moments and some very low. I am impressed by your sincerity.

  6. Love this story, I especially appreciate that you let me know early on that it would have a happy ending because my first thought was that of a tragedy….thank God it was not! Great writing; it keep me engaged until the end. I look forward to reading more.

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