Eat the Cake

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About Robert Barsanti

Robert Barsanti teaches in the Berkshires and is the father of two boys. You can follow his Twitter feed here.


  1. If I’d eaten less cake i might have kissed more girls.

    • Valter Viglietti says:

      I think the girls often go to the liveliest one, not the thinnest. ;)

      Maybe it’s because I’m aged now :mrgreen: but I’d rather be with an average-looking funny woman, than with a gorgeous dumb and boring one. :roll:

  2. Loved your article and the way you spoke of regrets. But I have to ask…it isn’t too late to do any of those things now is there? I’d like to think we can make up for those regrets, as long as we’re still breathing. You said, “Time dumps all things in a can for Death to take away”. Oddly enough this made me smile. I’ve had my own share of regrets as of late. To distract myself, I’ve been looking forward to my daughter’s wedding in September. I wryly told my best friend the other day, “After the wedding, the only thing I have going on is time and then Death”. Rather melodramatic of me I think. Robert, I hope you eat more cake, kiss more women and lose some golf balls (the last one should be easy enough). As for Sarah Vaughn, I think we all need those kinds of regrets. They remind us that everything is temporary, including regrets.

  3. I like this piece. Life is full of regrets but the cliche that we regret what we didn’t do more than what we did rings too true. I try not to think about the roads I took instead of the ones i didn’t because, frankly, it can be overwhelming. I feel blessed to have had as much happiness and luck as I have had and have no idea what would have happened had I made any number of other choices. But it is human nature to wonder. Well done.

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