Emotional Intelligence of Mass Extinction

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About Gabriel Orgrease

Gabriel Orgrease exists as a male consciousness in a world located between NYC and Montauk on Long Island, NY where he resides and writes near to the Atlantic Ocean. He moves daily through a blend of the virtual, the hyper-urban and the agricultural rural.


  1. wellokaythen says:

    How quickly the Cold War has become such a distant memory! Imagine hundreds of millions of people going to sleep every night with the real possibility of global nuclear war ending their lives before morning, enough warheads to destroy just about all life on the planet 30 times over. That was only 20 years ago. I still remember it.

    Thankfully, there are fewer nuclear warheads in the world today. I think the world has reduced the number to only what’s needed to destroy life 10 times over, instead of 30. And, lucky for everyone, the weapons are in the hands of a wider assortment of governments. Uhh….yay?

    The good news is that global nuclear war between superpowers is much less likely today. That’s one thing that is not going to kill you anytime soon. That’s something to be happy about.

    • I had forgotten this too. How could I? I used to have nightmares about nuclear annihilation. I would read any fiction I could get my hands on about surviving nuclear war. I felt sure it would happen. Instead, warfare has evolved differently: it’s more urban, more protracted, and more and more, done by remote control.

  2. Gabriel Orgrease says:

    Aha, the Cold War, some do not forget it soon enough.

    My stepfather used to tell us that when we see the white light to run towards it. As a family we did a lot of things but we never built a bomb shelter. His story was that when in the Army he went off to Korea they stopped at Japan, loaded into a troop truck and drove around Hiroshima.

    There are attitudes toward life and being, emotional states that our ancestors give forward to us. We do have a choice in how we relate to the story that they provide, and it is at the point of that decision to make a choice that emotional intelligence comes into play.

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