Failure Is An Option

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About Jeff Bogle

Jeff Bogle is a stay-at-home dad who writes about parenting and All Things Childhood: kindie music, books, toys, gaming, & culture at Out With The Kids. He is married to an adorable redheaded gal and has two lovely little ladies under the age of 10 who provide him with countless hours of humorous in-home entertainment, and who get to do, hear, see and play with more cool stuff than you can possibly imagine. He considers himself one of the luckiest guys in the world, although he needs to be reminded of this fact from time to time. Jeff also blogs for The Good Men Project.


  1. Great post. I wonder, if this movement toward friction-free childhood and helicopter parenting, is because so many parents didn’t have what you had.

    Supporting children through failure is the job. But there are a lot of parents, unfortunately, who make their kids feel worse about failure. The words I hope I instill in my kids, because they certainly help to instill them in me, is, “I’m going to try again.”

  2. Sadly, parent’s seem to have forgotten that it is through failure that a child learn’s that no one alway’s win’s and that success come through learning from their failures. these childern are then taught they have no weaknesses and that to fail or win hold’s no meaning. they then go into the world beliving they are special and deserving of all they desires because it is their due, they never learn the value that hard work bring’s success and that the world will not give you anything you do not work for.

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